Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As I lay in my bed, adjusting the pillow over my head from the racket next door-I think to myself! Dear Lord I need to vent! So here I am! Listening to the


against my wall from next door. Our neighbors must think that they are truly something special. But I have a *NEWSFLASSHH* for them! They're not! Theyre just Drama starters and causers! How can someone get mad, or even disturbed enough to call the PO PO over someone dropping a plate in the kitchen? Someone coughing? Someone sneezing? Or someone laughing? Well our neighbors do! But its totally okay for them to get drunk and throw eachother against the walls to the point our sliding door on the shower rattles!(Its broken but come on! The only time it rattles when were in the BR is if we touch it!) They can have people BANGING(yes I mean BANGING) on their door yelling at the top of their lungs and were not supposed to do anything about it? They constantly Bicker and Fight-and seem to have a problem with where we keep our garbage to the point that they call the lanlord and tell the lanlord about it!

Our front door is jammed. And they constantly complain that we SLAM the door everytime We close it! -NOT THE CASE!- Heres a bit of educational information for you! When a jammed door is shut, IT DONT SHUT EASILY! I am so paranoid about that door, and every movement we make! We cant live, and it sucks! We cant get our full rest, and it sucks! Were not bothersome-we stay to ourselves. And how can it be loud when:

A.My love works 8am-4pm And I am the only one at home, trying my hardest to sleep!
B. I go to work from 4pm-12am and Love is at home, by herself relxing after a long hard day
and Fnally..........
C.When I get off at 12am-Dinner is made-if its not already-and we sit in the living room talk like normal people, and then its time for bed!

Now you tell me...How is that loud? Seriously. Sure we have accidents and drop dishes, or soemthing else-but its not like its intentional! God Forbid we get sick! YIKES!!
cant wait till February-They say their leaving:) ((YESSS!!)) But not if we leave first..which is our plan!:)